Our Services for Pharma Pre-clinical

If you are planning a marketing authorisation application for a medicinal product, SCC can support you in the field of the nonclinical assessment and regarding the environmental risk assessment. Besides preparation of these modules, our scientific services for the pharmaceutical industry include e.g. study monitoring or preparation of expert statements on toxicology/pharmacology or ecotoxicology (including environmental fate and behaviour).

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If you need scientific support in questions regarding the nonclinical modules or the environmental risk assessment, our experts on toxicology/pharmacology and ecotoxicology are happy to assist you.

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Your challenge – our solution

We provide scientific services to suit the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The guideline on the environmental risk assessment of medicinal products for human use (adopted on 01.06.2006), refers to the guidelines and test protocols issued by the European Commission, OECD and ISO. Based on the extensive experience which our experts have gained in the difficult field of agrochemicals with environmental risk assessments (fate, exposure, effects, risks), we offer you full scientific and regulatory service.

We are well-versed in study monitoring, i.e. planning and monitoring studies such as:

  • Pre-clinical studies on mammalian toxicology.
  • Studies on the environmental fate and behaviour.
  • Studies on effects to aquatic and terrestrial organisms.

We can prepare expert statements regarding questions on mammalian toxicology, ecotoxicology and environmental fate and behaviour. Environmental risk assessments and comparing potential exposure with potential effects are an integral part of our services.