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Your challenge

The modern global pesticides regulatory environment is defined by a vast number of national and international regulations and policy conventions. Now more than ever, the development of pesticide regulations is being driven by increasing demand for human health and safety, and environmental sustainability. Despite this trend, standards in different parts of the world still vary enormously, shaped by the economic development, political objectives and agricultural strategy of individual nations and regions. As a result, it is a challenge for the industry to keep pace with the constantly changing regulatory frameworks in their target markets.

Our solution

Starting with the European pesticide regulations back in 1989, we gained an excellent reputation over the years for our in-depth expertise in the EU. Building on this professional know-how, we went further, broadening our focus to include non-EU markets. In recent years, we have been working hard to establish an international network of partners; we have been educating our staff and acquiring hands-on experience of regulatory requirements by working on registration projects in Asia and North America.
Supported by our partners, we continuously monitor the latest developments in agrochemical and biopesticide regulations across global key pesticide markets. We offer our customers a broad scope of services tailored to their registration needs both within and outside of the EU.

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