Let SCC take care of your regulatory needs, in all aspects of EU pesticide registration legislation. In close co-operation with you, the client, we identify the ideal strategy for national or EU-wide registration and insure that the registration of your products will be as smooth as possible.

  • We command detailed knowledge of written and unwritten laws, regulations and procedures.
  • We are in constant contact with scientists, industry, national, international and EU authorities.
  • We are experienced in preparing dossiers for active substances, plant protection products and other agrochemicals including the preparation of state-of-the-art CADDY files.
  • We are experienced in submitting applications to any EU member state and to other European countries as well as non-European countries.
  • Our expertise and connections enable us to put together the optimal portfolio of studies and expert statements for your products. As SCC is privately owned and has no own laboratories, we are completely independent and our study proposals will be as concise as possible and as extensive as necessary.

During all phases of a regulatory project, the close interaction between client, regulatory and scientific specialists is key to presenting a homogenous and successful submission to the authorities. With the implementation of zonal dRRs as well as zonal application systems according to Regulation 1107/2009 and the proposed "living document" concept, flexible and intelligent project management tools are for a sustainable success. We have established these tools and continuously handle hundreds of regulatory projects at all times.