More than ever, the efficacy of plant protection products is the key to success, not only on the market but also in registration and re-registration processes. Dose justification, comparative risk assessment and the development of appropriate resistance management strategies are just three of several aspects of efficacy that have become of increased strategic importance.

As key interface for the work of the SCC Regulatory Service in Agrochemicals and Biopesticides, the proven expertise of our efficacy group is:

  • Detailed planning of study programmes across Europe and world-wide with reliable international CROs for new registration, re-registration and label extension.
  • Comprehensive study monitoring of efficacy and crop safety studies as well as special studies e.g. resistance baseline data generation, rainfastness, granules stability and supervision during trial period.
  • Bridging of crops and grouping of trials according to climatic zones to reduce the total number of trials.
  • Precise data gap analysis of existing data packages, using up-to-date data management software (e.g. ARM or customer-based data processing).
  • Generation and development of study plans and ARM protocols according to relevant EPPO and national guidelines (e.g. CEB, CRD and JMPR), review of draft reports.
  • Conduct of literature searches.
  • Dossier generation (dRR, zonal biological assessment dossier, national addenda) in accordance with regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009 to present efficacy results in a uniform and consistently structured manner (almost 25 years of experience in dossier writing for all kinds of products used in agriculture).
  • Upgrading of out-dated or incomplete BADs and dRRs.
  • Intra- and interzonal mutual recognition dossiers.
  • Resistance analysis and development of resistance management strategies.
  • Intensive contacts with EPPO, national authorities and scientists in the field of efficacy and agronomy.

How we meet these requirements? We are interdisciplinary – our team consists of experts from various fields of work: agricultural sciences, biology, agriculture, farmers and growers advisory services.