Our experience

Having worked in the field of plant protection product registration since 1989, we have been involved in the evaluation of 39 active substances as well as in the generation of hundreds of dossiers based on Directive 91/414/EEC. Dossier generation for Annex I listing of new active substances, re-registration of active substances (lists 1 to 4, AIR-2, and AIR-3) as well as continuous support of national registation in EU member states and other countries around the globe, are an integral part of our experience with agrochemicals registration.

Our support for you

Interdisciplinary work-sharing, detailed knowledge of written and unwritten laws, regulations and procedures as well as the constant close contact with scientists, industry, national, international and EU authorities enables us to stay ahead of changing legislative requirements. Thus our excperience is your advantage especially in the transition to Regulation 1107/2009.

We take care of your EU and national pesticide registration and also support you in the designation or registration of other agrochemical products including liming and acidifying agents, soil conditioners, or chemical growth agents. This includes the designation of fertilizers according to Regulation 2003/2003 or national regulations, as well as the compilation of technical files for new types of fertilizers according to Annex I of Regulations 2003/2003.

For fast, reliable and efficient registration of your agrochemical products, take advantage of our experts' broad and extensive experience.