Your challenge

Since entry into force of Regulation 1107/2009, several specific issues regarding the data requirements for the very inhomogeneous group of ‘biopesticides’ have been amended and updated. Special considerations were made, for example regarding the data requirements for micro-organisms or botanicals. However, due to the diversity of ‘biopesticide’ active substances which consist of fungi, bacteria, plant extracts, microbial metabolites, etc. the registration of ‘biopesticides’ will remain a complex business requiring particular knowledge of the latest scientific research and regulatory procedures. This is especially true since, according to European legislation, ‘biopesticides’ are not a regulatory defined group of active substances and products. Instead of that, in Europe it is distinguished between conventional, basic and low risk active substances for which different data requirements and regulations apply.

Thus, special knowledge and close contact to experts and authorities is needed regarding the registration of ‘biopesticides’, especially if subsidies or support programmes are additionally to be incorporated in a registration strategy.

Our solution

We are experienced in research and development, the registration of biopesticides and have also worked as consultant to non-governmental and governmental organisations.