For years, we have been preparing and/or submitting electronic dossiers for our customers and are very experienced with various electronic submission formats. Therefore, at SCC, your dossiers and applications are prepared and handled in the optimal way and you can be certain to receive state-of-the-art service for these IT tools and procedures. With respect to electronic formats used for the submission of dossiers for plant protection products, we have vast experience of preparing CADDY dossiers:


Submission of a CADDY (Computer Aided Dossier and Data Supply) dossier means considerable savings in resources: paper, copying materials, shipping and storage costs. Therefore, the preparation of a CADDY dossier for agrochemical applications on EU level or for national authorisations is a pre-requisite and requested by some authorities and governmental bodies. Meanwhile the former tiff file version has been substituted by user friendly CADDY.xml version including a common table of contents (TOC) structure. All European authorities accept CADDY.xml and it is requested by German BVL for electronic submission via the application portal ePSM since 1 February 2014. SCC has gained profound knowledge/experience by generating and submitting CADDY dossiers since 2004.