Regulatory Archive – EDDMS

We offer a unique database system for all regulatory archiving: the Electronic Document and Dossier Management System (EDDMS).


  • is designed and developed by SCC,
  • has been successfully proven and tested over the years as our regulatory in-house dossier management system,
  • is a data archiving and retrieval system that guarantees fast and reliable access to archived information,
  • electronically archives and stores all regulatory and scientific information available from all over the world for your active substances and products,
  • has tools for data administration, data presentation, tracking of studies and regulatory submissions, as well as a comprehensive search and archiving function,
  • facilitates all regulatory submissions, as regulatory information needed to generate a dossier in CADDY format is entered into EDDMS once and then electronically imported from EDDMS into the CADDY format – correctly and efficiently (an exclusive feature at SCC).


  • Data storage and retrieval is quick and easy.
  • Overview over all your available data at one easy glance.
  • Search, sort and print your data depending on your needs.
  • Efficient compilation of dossiers.
  • Submissions are effectively handled and compiled electronically.
  • Reference lists are generated in any required format for all authorities worldwide.
  • Regulatory status of studies is quickly determined and the question which studies were submitted why, where and when easily answered!
  • Inquiries for studies from authorities around the world can be answered promptly.
  • Complete regulatory information at hand everywhere you need it, including electronic documents and submission details.
  • With EDDMS establishment of CADDY dossiers is considerably easier and faster, saving time and money.

Please contact us if you want more information on this service.