Our experience in task force and consortium management is second to none. Over two decades, we have been involved in numerous task forces and consortia, ranging from two to several dozens of member companies.

Active substance task forces

Our Biocides business unit has submitted numerous BPD dossiers on more than 20 existing biocidal active substances, including substances of key importance for the biocides sector. Several of these active substances have been defended by task forces of two or more companies. SCC GmbH has gained considerable experience in the management of biocidal task forces for the successful defence of active substances.

Biocidal product consortia

Interested companies can share the costs for product studies, dossier preparation and authorisation fees by forming consortia for the authorisation of their biocidal products.
SCC can contribute the experience it has gained in task forces for active substance authorisations and know-how obtained in the preparation and defence of numerous biocidal product dossiers. We are currently involved in managing and providing technical support for two consortia for the authorisation of biocidal products based on four different active substances.  
Besides our in-house regulatory and scientific experts, we have close contact with independent testing laboratories and can assist our clients with all aspects of data and dossier preparation.

Legal support is provided by  SCC Legal logo assisting you with all of the legal aspects of the authorisation process, from consortia formation and selecting a suitable legal structure to data sharing. Alternatively, we are open to cooperate with legal advisors appointed by our customers, if so required.

SCC is planning to establish further biocidal product consortia. For more information, please follow the link to our CALL FOR INTEREST.

Location & premises

SCC’s headquarters are conveniently located 45 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport. Our premises are equipped with modern meeting rooms and video conference facilities, enabling us to arrange meetings at short notice whenever required.