EU REACH – our core competence

We have proven expertise in the registration of chemicals:

Since REACH entered into force in 2007 we have prepared more than 600 lead dossiers for phase-in and non-phase-in substances. We handled more than 50 PPORD notifications, far more than 1,000 (late) pre-registrations and well over 1,000 CLP notifications.

We have long-standing experience with intelligent testing strategies, read-across, data bridging, QSAR, group/category approaches, PBT/vPvB assessment as well as planning and monitoring all dossier-relevant studies. By cooperating with international GLP-certified laboratories, we are able to offer you testing packages at highly competitive prices, including close monitoring by SCC.

We cover all types of substance, such as mono and multi-constituent substances and UVCBs, both inorganic and organic.

It goes without saying that we have excellent command of all regulatory tools and models such as IUCLID as well as the REACH-IT and risk-assessment tools (Chesar, EASYTRA, ConsExpo, Stoffenmanager ®, Advanced Reach Tool (ART) and RISKOFDERM).

We support clients through evaluation processes handled by ECHA and Member States (CoRAP, SVHC, CLH dossiers).

In summary, we provide the full range of REACH and CLP services, covering organisational, regulatory, technical and scientific aspects.

REACH did not stop after the last phase-in deadline passed in May 2018. It is your legal responsibility to keep your submitted dossier up to date. SCC highly recommends that you regularly review your dossiers to be in line with the latest ECHA requirements. Updating your dossier will in many cases avoid it being shortlisted or prioritized for compliance checks and substance evaluation.

ECHA recently announced that, from 2019 onwards, they will reduce their support when it comes to compliance checks of dossiers: Compliance checks will not be announced upfront anymore and your opportunities to contact ECHA directly will be reduced. Considering this, an experienced partner is required when defending your submitted dossiers.

Let SCC be your partner: we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you always stay up to date and on top of things.

Find out more about activities under REACH after May 2018