SCC as your OR in the EU

Companies based outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can appoint a European-based Only Representative (OR) to take over the tasks and responsibilities of importers under REACH.

SCC is well-suited to take over the OR role for non-EU chemical companies: We are physically established in the EEA and have plenty of knowledge in the practical handling of substances and the information related to them. We have substantial experience providing complex supply-chain and OR support to numerous overseas clients.

Trustee function

REACH requires non-EU manufacturers and importers of the same substance to closely work together in order to jointly establish the compilation of the imported substance volume (tonnage) and the breadth of the substance’s industrial, professional, and consumer uses for the EU market. This requirement is often at the risk of violating the competition law. SCC as independent party offers to act as trustee to enable companies to share legally required information in a legally compliant manner between the concerned stakeholders all the way up and down along the supply chain.

Thanks to our long-standing experience, industry trust and excellent reputation as independent partner (e.g. as consortia leader), we offer the right balance of discretion and transparency, and strive for robust compliance in order to handle delicate trustee mandates to all parties’ fullest satisfaction.