SCC remains your trusted partner beyond May 2018. Our experts look forward to providing you our full-scale REACH services in:

Defending your submissions

Preparing dossiers for new substances

Dossier preparation for new substances requires careful planning. SCC covers all aspects of dossier preparation, including literature searches and data-gap analyses, planning and performance of all necessary tests, performance of risk assessments and finally dossier preparation, submission and defence. Rely on SCC: We began working on new substance registrations well before REACH was implemented.

Preparing dossier updates for tonnage-band increases

Your production/import volumes and future sales have to be closely monitored so that you can prepare in time for a tonnage-band increase. Manufacturing at the higher tonnage band level is only possible after having uploaded the respective registration dossier update.
Count on our experience and routine.

REACH / CLP compliance audits

We offer hands-on support to clients for self-audits to check the robustness of the established processes and also in case of official inspections by EU regulatory bodies to avoid potential non-compliance issues.
Whether your role under REACH is that of a manufacturer, importer, downstream user, or an Only Representative (OR), thanks to its long-standing broad experience SCC offers adapted checklists and procedures to help you self-assess your degree of compliance with the latest regulations and to identify any risk areas proactively.