Your challenge – our solution

For more than two decades, we took care on the scientific and regulatory needs of the consumer goods industry. We have successfully demonstrated our experience to deal with all relevant scientific and regulatory aspects or problems that may arise for general and overall evaluation of materials or chemicals for intended applications.  This includes on the one hand generally an analysis of the individual needs of our clients. On the other hand more specifically tasks can be professionally handled and comprises detailed data gap analysis, safety & risk assessments for given exposure (direct or indirect) scenarios, advice for classification and labeling, preparation of safety reports/dossiers and product information files up to notifications.

One of the key advantages for our clients is the detailed knowledge of all relevant national, European and global regulations. In addition, we have a wide-spread network in both, the industry including its associations, and the governmental world. Currently there is a lot of movement in the dynamic area of Consumer Products. We are prepared to handle all challenges originating from Detergents Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 including latest adopted amendment Regulation (EC) 259/2012.

Within the whole Consumer Product business, we have the expertise and reputation to take care on your needs as a whole or on certain processes or parts.