Your challenge – our solution

Since the late nineties of the last century we took care on the regulatory and scientific need of the cosmetics industry. The keys of our success and your advantage as client are the wide-spread network in both, the industry including its associations, and the governmental world as well as the detailed knowledge of all relevant national, European and global regulations.

We are prepared to deal with all relevant scientific and regulatory aspects or problems that may be associated with your cosmetic ingredients or final cosmetics products. As a general service, we have the proven capabilities to analyze your individual need. More specifically tasks can be professionally handled and comprises detailed data gap analysis, safety & risk assessments for given exposure (direct or indirect) scenarios, advice for classification and labeling, preparation of safety reports/dossiers and product information files up to notifications.

During the last decades, we prepared more than 60 safety dossiers for a wide variety of challenging cosmetics ingredients ending up with favorable opinions. Amongst UV-filters, preservatives and hair dyes also nanomaterials, products of botanical origin and CMR categorized substances were successfully defended. Just recently, we have extended the capacity to meet all challenges of the new Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 including ban of animal testing. As this and downstream regulations are very dynamic, updates are monitored by us on a regular basis to provide our clients with the most recent support.