The backbone of the company and the key to our success is our scientific expertise bundled in the Regulatory Science Business Unit. Experts from all regulatory relevant disciplines, such as chemists, physicists, food chemists, biologists, geo-ecologists, toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, environmental fate specialists and agronomists are united under one roof. This access to a wide spectrum of expert knowledge ensures that our clients can take advantage of a very competent and highly efficient service.

Based on detailed analysis of your database and the resulting data gap analysis, we design, contract and scientifically monitor all studies necessary for the dossier. We know exactly how the dossier needs to look like, how to perform state-of-the-art risk assessments, as well as knowing which studies and expert statements have to be included where. We have frequently demonstrated successful dossier submissions and defence of compounds with our expert work.

The experience and detailed knowledge of the Regulatory Science Business Unit means that we provide our clients with experienced, professional service to assist in obtaining registrations.