For years, we have been preparing and/or submitting electronic dossiers for our customers and are very experienced with various electronic submission formats. Therefore, at SCC, your dossiers and applications are prepared and handled in the optimal way and you can be certain to receive state-of-the-art service for the these IT tools and procedures. Among others the following tools are covered:

    The submission of a CADDY (Computer Aided Dossier and Data Supply) dossier means considerable savings in resources: paper, copying materials, shipping and storage costs. Therefore, the preparation of a CADDY dossier for agrochemical applications on EU level or for national authorisations is a pre-requisite and requested by some authorities and governmental bodies. Meanwhile the former tiff file version has been substituted by user friendly CADDY.xml version including a common TOC structure. All European authorities accept CADDY.xml and it is requested by German BVL for electronic submission via the application portal ePSM since 1 February 2014. SCC has gained profound knowledge/experience by generating and submitting CADDY dossiers since 2004.
    IUCLID, i.e. the International Uniform Chemical Information Database, is a central IT tool for the electronic submission of data within the framework of the REACH Regulation and since 2014 for Biocidal Products too. We have gathered extensive experience with the preparation, handling and the submission of state-of-the art IUCLID files in all versions released by ECHA since introduction of this tool. In addition we were and are still involved in testing and evaluation of new versions prior to their releases. We do not only prepare IUCLID files for customers, we offer also customized trainings on this rather complex and fast changing tool.
  • R4BP
    In the EU, dossiers for biocidal active substances and products have to be prepared in the IUCLID format and submitted via a specific electronic portal, the Register for Biocidal Products (R4BP). We have gathered comprehensive, up-to-date expertise in the new IT procedures, and we are cooperating with industry and authority partners on further improving the software, for instance by sharing our experience in discussions at EU level and by participating in the beta testing of new versions or IT tools prior to their release.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the above submission formats.