Efficacy claims against snails in Germany only to be made against real problem organisms

Date: 29 August 2019

In the last year´s applicants of molluscicidal products in Germany repeatedly applied for use against different snail species and not only the well-known problem slug species from the genera Arion and Deroceras. The evaluating Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI) speculates that the efficacy claims against these snail species could have been made to serve as unique selling points for a better commercialization of the products. In the JKI “Journal of cultivated plants” (ISSN 1867-0911, DOI:10.5073/JFK.2019.06.05) Jörn Lemhus, efficacy evaluator for field crops at JKI, published an article “Nicht jede Schnecke verursacht Schäden! (Not every snail causes damage!)" in which he presents the position of JKI as summarized in the following.