SCC and GBK are cooperation partners offering consolidated expertise and bundled services

Date: 2 February 2021

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With the newly enhanced cooperation, SCC and GBK bundle their vast expertise in legal, environmental, health, safety and regulatory issues to offer their customers versatile and integrated services across the world.

SCC supports its international customers with cost-efficient tailored solutions for their scientific and regulatory needs in the fields of agrochemicals, and biorationals, fertilisers, chemicals and biocides, feed and food additives, food contact materials, cosmetics and consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and legal services (provided by SCC Legal).

GBK GmbH Global Regulatory Compliance, Ingelheim, is an international consulting company providing a hands-on expertise in the fields of environment, health and safety to their more than 1,250 global customers in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. GBK’s core services include product-registration in chemical inventory lists in Europe, USA and Asia, EHS auditing and dangerous goods services, including worldwide EMTEL emergency phone service for hazardous materials transportations as well as seminars and trainings. For more information on GBK, please visit GBK’s website.