EU Commission makes a number of Stage 3 and Stage 4 decisions

Commission Directives 2008/934/EC, 2008/941/EC and 2008/113/EC have made some changes to the number of substances included and not included in Annex I of Directive 91/414/EEC. A total of 49 List 3 and 15 List 4 substances were eliminated through Directives 2008/934/EC and 2008/941/EC. Another List 4 substance, bone oil, was also voted as a non-inclusion.

Commission Directive 2008/116/EC included three List 3 existing actives: aclonifen, imidacloprid and metazachlor. 17 Microbiological substances out of List 4 are also inclusions to Annex I through Commission Directive 2008/113/EC.

To see the summary table and individual legislations, visit the SCC website - Status of Annex I 91/414/EEC.



Six more existing actives approved for Annex I


The EU Commission has approved six more existing actives for Annex I listing in Directive 91/414/EEC. These are the third stage actives flutolanil, benfluralin, fluazinam, fuberidazole and mepiquat. This brings the total number of existing active substances included in Annex I to 120.



EU Commission approves five actives for Annex I inclusion

The EU Commission has approved five 3rd stage actives for inclusion onto Annex I of Directive 91/414/EEC: abamectin, epoxiconazole, fenpropimorph, fenpyroximate and tralkoxydim. Please refer to the SCC Website - Annex I inclusion list for the current status of Annex I inclusions.


Commission decides on five further substances for 91/414/EEC


Five additional actives have been voted for non-inclusion in Annex I of 91/414/EEC. These are

    Beauveria brongniartii
    potassium permanganate

Please refer to SCC's Anenx I listing for 91/414/EEC to find the details concerning these non-inclusions.

New Decisions for 91/414/EEC


The European Commission has made decisions on four active substances: methyl bromide, dichlobenil, dicofol and diuron. Diuron, a stage two active, was originally non-included, but the notifier re-submitted the application in 2007, prior to the effective date of Commission Regulation 33/2008. Based on the new data presented, inclusion was approved.

The other three actives were not included in Annex I.

Please refer to SCC's comprehensive list regarding Annex I inclusions on the SCC website.