In addition to our headquarters located in Bad Kreuznach, we have been running our second German office in Berlin since September 2014. Our customers not only value the central location of the Berlin office, which makes us very comfortable to visit, but also our excellent connections to governmental authorities.

The closeness to these authorities and their research facilities, but, most importantly, to our customers make Berlin the ideal city for our second “homebase” in Germany. 

Always being in the middle of things, both figuratively and literally, complements our existing strengths like our vast experience and knowledge perfectly.

Berlin has much to offer, with its excellent infrastructure and opportunities in the highest-growth region of Germany. A thoroughly international atmosphere and an ever present pioneering spirit make for a very stimulating business environment.

With a strong team of experts in ecotoxicoloy, pharmaceutical sciences and toxicology, our Berlin branch focuses currently on the needs of pharmaceutical industry with special attention to non-clinical assessments (active substances, excipients, degradants, impurities, etc.) and environmental risk assessments (ERA), including all kinds of study planning and study monitoring.