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Turkey Biocidal Product Regulation

Biocidal products need to comply with the requirements of the "Turkish Biocidal Products Regulation" dated 31 December 2009 and numbered 27449 published by the Ministry of Health. Biocidal products can be placed on the market in Turkey after successfully receiving a license.

Companies based outside of Turkey may appoint Turkey-based Only Representatives (OR) to take over the tasks and responsibilities of Biocidal Product Applications under the Biocidal Product Regulation.

The process to receive a Biocidal Product License in Turkey is a 3-step one:

  1. Provisional Application Process: submitting documentation, such as label, safety data sheet, formulation and specifications and other required information on the biocidal product for evaluation and approval of the Provisional Application by the Ministry of Health;
  2. Sampling and testing: performing analysis and testing on the biocidal products, as required by the Ministry of Health;
  3. License process: submitting test documentation, such as chemical analysis, physical testing, short-term stability tests and efficacy tests for evaluation and final license approval by the Ministry of Health.

Our Service

In cooperation with our renowned partner in Turkey, CHEMLEG, we take care of all your regulatory needs for your biocidal products. Our services include:

  • Developing individual regulatory strategies, including testing strategies
  • Study planning and monitoring
  • Preparing and submitting approvals, incl. follow up and defence
  • Communicating with responsible authority
  • Only Representative support through our local partner
  • Local support via our partner
  • Translations into Turkish

Contact us to learn how we can help you bring your biocidal products to the Turkish market.