Biostimulants & Fertilisers

Biostimulants and Fertilisers

Fertiliser Regulation 2019/1009

The European Fertiliser Regulation 2019/1009 for CE-marked products, applicable from 16 July 2022, regulates all products of the so-called Product Function Categories (PFCs) of organic, organo-mineral and inorganic fertilisers, liming materials, soil improvers, growing media, nitrification, denitrification and urease inhibitors, plant biostimulants, and fertilising blends. EU fertilising products can only be placed on the market if they are sufficiently effective, by, for example, providing scientific evidence ensuring their agronomic efficiency .

National registrations of fertilisers

Simultaneously to EU harmonised products, national registrations and sales of products being not conform to EU criteria remain possible. National registrations are gaining importance since entry into force of the Mutual Recognition Regulation in 2020, which also covers fertilisers and fertiliser-like products. The new rules allow for an improved free movement of fertilising products in the EU, using mutual recognition between Member States based on product specific Mutual Recognition Declarations.

Our regulatory support for biostimulants and fertilisers

To provide our customers the best regulatory and scientific support for their needs, SCC has established a team of experts to deal explicitly with the registration of biostimulants and fertilisers and the scientific support related to this.

Our services:

  • Preparation, submission and defence of applications
  • Compilation of technical files for the designation of new fertilisers and fertiliser types
  • Survey of product portfolios
  • Compliance check with the EU and national legislative frameworks