TaskForce Consortium Management

Task Forces and Consortia Management

In line with legal provisions, such as under the Biocidal Products Regulation No 528/2012 (EU BPR) and Plant Protection Regulation No 1107/2009, interested companies can share the costs for product studies, dossier preparation and authorisation fees by forming consortia or task forces for the authorisation or registration of their active substances or products.

From the start of SCC, we have been involved in more than 30 task forces and consortia, ranging from two to several dozens of member companies.

With continuously increasing complexity of regulatory requirements and scientific and legal issues getting more and more interlocked and interdependent, SCC Legal logo was founded as an independent spin-off of SCC in 2019. SCC and SCC Legal closely cooperate in navigating our mutual customers through all stages of the regulatory process.

With our in-house regulatory and scientific experts, and close contact to independent testing laboratories, we can assist our clients with all aspects of data and dossier preparation, while legal support is provided by SCC Legal logo.

Location and Premises

Our headquarters are conveniently located 45 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport and equipped with modern meeting rooms and video conference facilities. Alternatively, we make all necessary arrangements for meeting rooms facilities and management anywhere else in the world.

Our Services

Together with SCC Legal, we provide consortia members with one-stop-shop solutions for their registration needs, offering:

  • Data Sharing Services
  • Consortium / Task Force management
  • Regulatory compliance advisory services in line with EU regulations of agrochemicals, biopesticides, chemicals and biocides
  • Representation to authorities (EU and national)
  • Legal actions against inactivity of the competent authorities
  • Compliance audit
  • Contract Law
  • Comprehensive scientific and regulatory support.