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Our History

How did it start?

It all started with a driving ambition of one man to provide an independent regulatory expertise from one source. In June 1989, Friedbert Pistel founded SCC Scientific Consulting Company - Chemisch-Wissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH.

His vision was to provide regulatory consulting services to the chemical industry in Europe and beyond. The demand was rapidly growing due to steadily rising complexity of regulatory requirements. Taking foresightful action, SCC set focus on multidisciplinarity, bringing under one roof scientists from all regulatory relevant disciplines to offer its customers comprehensive one-stop-shop services, compliant with latest regulatory requirements and submission deadlines.

Alongside the increasing regulatory workload, SCC established networks with competent authorities. SCC’s concept proved to be a real success resulting in a rapidly increasing number of customers and employees. Since its foundation, SCC has been continuously expanding, investing in the personnel development and growing professionally by establishing new fields of expertise and flexibly adapting to ever changing regulatory framework in the EU and worldwide.

The company also grew professionally, flexibly adapting to new requirements in the regulatory environment of the EU and developing further. Today, SCC counts 160 employees in total.

On 1 April 2021, after more than 30 years at the helm of the company, Friedbert stepped back from the company’s operational business by taking up a new role as shareholder and chairman of the Pistel Family Foundation.

Major Milestones

Major milestones of SCC’s corporate development at a glance:



Foundation of the company, SCC first offered services for Agrochemicals in the the field of Regulatory Science and Archiving



In line with the new European Directive 91/414/EEC, SCC submitted the first Pesticide Dossier
First ecological balance sheet for chemical products



Chemicals Directive 67/548/EEC, SCC established an extensive network and received recognition as reliable partner by respective national authorities for chemicals registration



Start of Biocide business – First task was to support industry with notification and identification of existing biocidal active substances according to Biocidal Directive 98/8/EC and Regulation (EU) No. 1896/2000.



Feed & Food Additives business started




In preparation for the Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, SCC launched its Cosmetics and Consumer Products business



SCC GLP Archiving system was implemented and certified. SCC became the first company in Germany offering OECD CAT 9 contract archives
Start of Pharma/Pre-Clinical business, serving the needs of the pharmaceutical industry



Expansion of chemicals business unit due to growing customer demand for REACH support (REACH Regulation No. 1907/2006)



Foundation of the new regulatory group Biorationals/Biostimulants/Fertilisers/Integrated Pest Management



SCC Office Berlin became operational



SCC Japan K.K. was founded



Start of Medical Devices business



Foundation of SCC UK Ltd.