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Poison Centre Notifications and CLP regulation (EC 1272/2008 )

According to Annex VIII to the CLP regulation (EC 1272/2008), importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures on the EU market must notify their products to the nationally appointed bodies. This EU Poison Centre Notification is a legal obligation neither covered by existing REACH or CLP notifications. The notification has to be submitted in each Member State where the mixture is intended to be made available on the market. Annex VIII establishes compliance deadlines for Poison Centre Notifications depending on the type of their use:

  • Consumer  and professional use (since 1 Jan. 2021)
  • Industrial use (by 1 Jan. 2024)

To allow the appointed national poison centres to unequivocally identify the concerned mixture(s) in case of a reported emergency, a harmonized format for notifications have been created, along with a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) which needs to be placed on the product label.

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