Biostimulants & Fertilisers

Biostimulants and Fertilisers

The European Fertiliser Regulation 2019/1009 for CE-marked products, applicable since July 2022, regulates all products of the so-called Product Function Categories (PFCs) of organic, organo-mineral and inorganic fertilisers, liming materials, soil improvers, growing media, nitrification, denitrification and urease inhibitors, plant biostimulants, and fertilising blends.

For placing a fertilising product on the EU market, different types of conformity assessments are foreseen. The assessment is based on the component materials and the product category (PFC) of the fertilising product. For example, Module A only includes an internal production control. Module A1 consists of an internal production control and external product testing and Modules B+C require an external technical review by a notified body. In the EU, fertilising products can only be placed on the market if they are sufficiently effective.

In parallel to the EU harmonised procedure, national commercialisation of fertilisers and fertilser-like products, such as biostimulants, is possible. National requirements vary from free market entry to registration procedures, including registration dossiers. To facilitate the free movement of goods in the European Union, mutual recognition between Member States is possible in many countries.

Our range of services for biostimulants and fertilisers includes:

  • Review of products and product portfolios
  • R&D, advice on testing and registration of CE-marked fertilisers of all Product Function Categories (PFCs)
  • Handling the transition from current to new regulations/requirements or from national to EU requirements
  • National efficacy monitoring and assessment
  • Handling of national and EU registration procedures
  • Support for Mutual Recognition between Member States