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KKDIK (also known as Türkiye REACH) was enforced on 23 December 2017. The regulation applies to chemical substances (on their own, in mixtures or in articles) and requires that companies register all substances manufactured in or imported into Türkiye with volumes ≥1t/y.

After the pre-registration period had expired in December 2020,  the registration phase for all tonnage bands began in January 2021  and was initially planned to be completed by 31 December 2023. Due to considerable difficulties faced by the chemical industry in meeting the new requirements within the prescribed period, Türkiye’s Ministry of Urbanisation and Climate Change (MoEUCC) released an amendment to the existing regulation setting the following deadlines:


  • 1000 t/a and above
  • between 100-1000 t/a and classified as aquatic acute 1/ aquatic chronic 1
  • 1-10 t/a, 10-100 t/a, 100-1000 t/a and classified as CMR category 1A/1B
  31 December 2026
  •  between 100 - 1000 t/a
  31 December 2028
  • 1 - 10 t/a, 10 - 100 t/a
  31 December 2030


Companies based outside of Türkiye may appoint Türkiye-based Only Representatives (OR) to register substances on their behalf. The most striking difference to the EU REACH is that chemical safety reports (CSRs) must be generated by a locally certified expert under KKDIK.

Our Service

In cooperation with our renowned partner in Türkiye, CHEMLEG, we take care of your regulatory needs for the registration of chemicals and regulated chemical products. Our services include:

  • Developing a regulatory strategy, including a testing strategy
  • Planning and monitoring of studies
  • Only Representative support through our local partner
  • Registration services

Contact us to learn how we can help you make your chemicals compliant with KKDIK.