Latin America - Regulatory Services

Registration of Crop Health and Plant Nutrition Products in Latin America

We work closely with several members of the Latin American Network of Consultants (RED LATAM) specialised in Regulatory Professional Services for the agricultural, public health and environmental sectors in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chili, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Through our partner network in Latin America, we offer comprehensive regulatory services for:

  • Agrochemicals (chemical pesticides)
  • Microbial pesticides for agricultural use
  • Microbial pesticides for domestic use
  • Biorationals and biostimulants

We work closely with our partners to ensure you gain double the benefits: On the one hand, from SCC’s in-depth scientific and project management expertise and, on the other, from our partner’s broad understanding and vast experience of the local markets in Latin America and their good relationship with the relevant authorities.

SCC services for Latin America

We offer you the following regulatory and scientific support:

  • Data gap analysis
  • Developing individual registration strategies
  • Planning and monitoring studies
  • Environmental fate and modelling / human and ecotoxicological risk assessments
  • Addressing scientific and regulatory issues in physico-chemistry, identity, equivalence, residues and efficacy
  • Preparing and submitting registrations and notifications, including subsequent follow-up and defence
  • Communicating with the competent authorities and local partners
  • Translating documents into Spanish and Portuguese

Please contact our experts to learn how we can guide you to the Latin American regulatory markets of your choice.