Efficacy and Product Performance

Technical and scientific developments, such as precision or digital farming systems and innovative product formulations, have significantly changed the overall performance of plant protection products, fertilisers, biostimulants and adjuvants. These innovations have been accompanied by economic and regulatory developments, such as new legislative frameworks, global testing and registration strategies, sustainability goals, Integrated Production (IP) and Green Deals. SCC helps you establish the link between regulation and agricultural practice.

Product performance, efficacy testing and assessment play the key role in research and development, (re-)registration of active substances and products as well as development of marketing concepts. They guarantee the effectiveness, safety and economic benefits of a product.

Efficacy evaluation – from burden to marketing tool

The requirement for mandatory efficacy evaluation as part of the product authorisation process is often regarded as an economic and administrative burden. Efficacy evaluations, however, provide guarantees of product effectiveness both for farmers and customers, resulting in economic benefits derived from product use.

From regulatory requirement to quality mark

Efficacy or product performance provides a direct link to agricultural practice, product marketing, and sales. Product performance and efficacy evaluation should be, therefore, considered a quality mark for each single product and an asset for the product value chain.

From classic testing to inclusive quality assessment

A quality mark is not achieved by only running “classical” tests, such as dose justification and effectiveness studies, or by looking at the effect on the yield or quality traits of treated plants. With an efficacy evaluation, you also rule out possible adverse effects, including effects on transformation processes, impact on succeeding or adjacent crops or effects on beneficial and other non-target organisms.

Independent handling of efficacy and product performance

In the complex world of CROs, academia and research institutes you need an independent actor with hands-on experience who understands your needs and can provide you with recommendations and tailor-made project strategies optimally suited for your individual purpose. Independent and vastly experienced in efficacy and product performance, SCC can offer you neutral professional advice you are looking for.

Our Services

Our efficacy experts have decades of hand-on knowledge in product performance, efficacy testing and assessment assisting you in:

  • Developing effective registration strategies based on product-specific Modes of Action, regulatory status and claims for “dual use” products
  • Data gap analysis of new or existing study packages and/or publicly available literature, including scientific justifications for study waivers
  • Evaluating product portfolio and product application range, including usability check of data non-compliant with current guidelines, and verifying data usability on a global scale
  • Trial planning and study monitoring
  • Incorporating Precision and Digital Farming methods, forecast models and Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Dossier Preparation for all types of crop health products, fertilisers, biostimulants and adjuvants