Regulatory Archive – EDDMS

We offer a unique database system for all your  regulatory archiving needs – the Electronic Document and Dossier Management System (EDDMS).


The reliable archiving of data, study reports, submissions and corresponding documents has become a complicated and complex task in the regulatory world requiring transparency, quick access and the accuracy of the entries and associated information.

For more than thirty years, since SCC's establishment in 1989, the data management and archiving of client information has been a top priority. Starting out with a simple database system, SCC has continually improved and refined this data management system to its current status, an exclusive data management and archiving software – EDDMS.

EDDMS can be used for all regulatory submissions: for chemicals (REACH), plant protection products, biocides, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, or any other type of product. This flexible system allows you data access on individual PCs, computer networks, or on a global scale. The administration of the data allows for a complete overview of what kind of data is in the archive, to whom it was submitted, and when.

EDDMS is an optimal solution for your data management, offering the following features:

  • Data administration, including the direct viewing of integrated electronic files resulting in cost and time savings.
  • Data presentation, allowing as well the retrieval (export) and presentation of the archived data in any format to fit the specific requirements of regulatory authorities.
  • Tracking of studies, providing submission information and allowing for tracking through the administrative channels within the regulatory authorities.
  • Comprehensive search and archiving functions, and the use of SCC's in-house developed indexing system, adapted to the needs of the regulatory world.
  • Study compensation and multiple user needs can be easily fulfilled for task forces and consortia. The EDDMS client manager allows individual definition of the access rights. Complete records or selected data boxes can be hidden or shown for respective users.
  • Simplified compilation of electronic dossiers (e.g. CADDY).