Regulation of Adjuvants

Adjuvants are products added and mixed with plant protection products, fertilisers or biostimulants to improve their efficacy and allow better adherence of products for seed treatment or to prevent excessive foam formation.

In general, adjuvants for plant protection products fall within the scope of the Plant Protection Products Regulation 1107/2009. Detailed rules for the authorisation of adjuvants, however, have not been harmonised on EU level until now. Consequently, adjuvants are in practice still regulated under the national laws of the European Member States.

National data requirements and procedures for adjuvants in EU Member States differ significantly and range from free market entry, through simple notification procedures to full registration processes, including the requirement to submit a draft Registration Report (dRRs) similar to plant protection product dossiers.

Our Services for Adjuvant Registration

Expert knowledge of national requirements is essential for an adjuvant registration in the European Member States. SCC provides scientific and regulatory support for national adjuvant registration, including:

  • Feasibility check or data gap analysis
  • Developing a registration strategy
  • Preparing and submitting final application documents
  • Subsequent defence