Agrochemicals & Biorationals

Agrochemicals and Biopesticides

Approval and authorisation requirements for crop health active substances and products have undergone several changes in the last decades. SCC has been following the legal, regulatory and political developments for more than 30 years, while continually advising our customers on the ever-changing approval and renewal procedures as well as the zonal and interzonal evaluations of products.
SCC experts confidently guide you through the approval and authorisation processes of plant protection active substances and products – the agrochemicals.

According to European legislation, 'biopesticides' are not a regulatory defined group of active substances and products. Instead, Europe distinguishes between conventional, basic and low risk active substances, regardless of their natural or synthetic origin. Biopesticides represent a diverse and inhomogeneous group of active substances, such as fungi, bacteria, plant extracts and microbial metabolites.

Following the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we advise our customers on effective R&D and registration strategies for the whole range of agricultural products based on classical chemical, biological and low risk substances.

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