China - Regulatory Services

Registration of Agrochemicals and Biorationals in China

China has become one of top five pesticides markets worldwide, with demand for plant protection products and fertilizers being steadily on the rise. This makes the Chinese market an attractive target for agrochemicals and biopesticides producers and formulators. The regulatory compliance landscape in China has undergone numerous changes, since the revised Regulation on Pesticide Administration (RPA) came into force in June 2017. Together with our partner in China, SCC monitors developments in the Chinese pesticides market to ensure our regulatory know-how is always up to date.

With first-hand knowledge of regulatory requirements, SCC is your perfect partner for the Chinese market. On your behalf, we register your plant protection products in China, supported by our expert partner on site who has in-depth knowledge of all relevant registration requirements and procedures. Our partner maintains good working relationships with the responsible authorities (including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (now MoARA, previously MoA), the National Pesticide Registration Review Committee, and the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, and the Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA)).

Our Services for Pesticide Registration in China

Our services includes:

  • Data gap analysis
  • Developing individual registration strategies
  • Choosing test facility strictly in line with the current RPA and, if required, in China
  • Planning and monitoring studies
  • Environmental fate and modelling / human and ecotoxicological risk assessments
  • Preparing and submitting registrations, following up and defending these
  • Communicating with registrating authorities
  • Translation of documents into Chinese

If you have a question or want to learn more about our regulatory services in China, please don’t hesitate to contact us.