Substance Information Exchange Forum – SIEF

Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) represents a group of member companies intending to submit a joint registration for the same substance. They are formed to facilitate data sharing between the companies and avoid duplication of testing.

After the end of the phase-in period with the registration deadline in May 2018, co-registrants are  encouraged to further use SIEFs or similar informal communication platforms enabling them to meet their running registration and data sharing obligations under REACH. SCC provides complete SIEF management, covering all technical, scientific and regulatory aspects.

As lead registrant you may need to lead and run a SIEF or consortium, but might lack the resources or experience to do so well. We are skilled in efficiently managing SIEFs and consortia on behalf of our customers and have enjoyed high industry trust for many years.

Our Support for SIEFs

  • Setting up SIEFs/consortia 
  • Handling trust accounts
  • Data collection and archiving
  • Dealing with confidentiality and data compensation issues.

We can also represent our clients in consortia and SIEFs managed by a third party providing scientific and regulatory advice. We can check existing SIEF contracts for their validity, handle requests by prospective memebrs for joining SIEFs or consortia, calculate LoAs, cost shares for new studies to be perfomed on request by ECHA. 

Since SIEFs and consortia must remain operational, it is essential to check existing contracts for validity.  Let us handle the entire consortia and SIEF management for you. We have the expertise you need.