NL pic vol20 no2SCC Newsletter, Vol. 20, No. 2, December 2020


Date: 15 December 2020

With EU's Green Deal taking shape, efficacy and performance of plant protection products will play a key role and gain in importance.
Providing a summary of EPPO's new standard  PP1/319(1) and its impact on efficacy testing
Giving a close look at regulatory requirements and necessary procedures for adjuvant registration on the EU market
By issuing SANCO/2020/12258, European Commision provided for clarity and guidance with respect to definition, handling and risk asessment of MBCAs.
Drawing a balance of two years since K-BPR enforcement and looking at things where improvement is still needed.
With the Manual Completeness Check to chemical safety reports being extended, we summarized for you what can be checked through IUCLID's validation assistant and which items require manual verification. 
We examined for you what the new Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability is all about.
Taking a look at the Regulation (EC) 2020/1435 and stipulated time frames specifically
»  FOCUS Degradation Kinetics Guidance – Working Group for Improvement
Summarising the revised points of the new guidance


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