We have successfully completed many regulatory projects in numerous countries around the globe. Based on each project’s individual focus, we select the most suitable partner from our network. Our role is to manage the projects and provide our scientific expertise, while our partners leverage their hands-on experience of regulatory requirements in target countries and ensure clear lines of communication with the respective authorities.

If you are planning to launch regulatory projects in countries outside the EU, please get in touch with us to find out further information and receive project proposals.

We offer our customers comprehensive regulatory services in the fields of:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Biorationals and biostimulants
  • Plant / insect growth regulators
  • Post-harvest fumigants
  • Control of house-hold and nuisance pests
  • Public health pest control

Our services cover all aspects and steps of the registration process: from market analysis, study planning and monitoring to dossier preparation, submission and follow-up work. We work closely with our partner in India to ensure you gain double the benefits: On the one hand, from SCC’s in-depth scientific and project management expertise and, on the other, from our partner’s broad understanding and vast experience of the Indian market and their good relationship with the relevant authorities.

We offer the following services:

Please contact us to find out more about our pesticides registration services in India.





Our task force/consortium experience is second to none. Over two decades, we have been involved in numerous task forces/consortia, ranging from two to well over dozens of member companies.

Conveniently located 45 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport, we have meeting rooms available including modern electronic data presentation equipment and video conference facilities. We can also make similar arrangements for meeting room facilities and event management anywhere else in the world.

  • Before and during the meeting:
- complete event management including travel arrangements and hotel accommodations,
- moderation / chairmanship,

    - scientific, regulatory and administrative competency.
  • After meetings:

    - preparation and distribution of meeting minutes,

    - reliable follow-up of action points.
  • Between meetings:

    - communication between members / authorities / CROs,

    - organizing and tracking of financial issues within the consortium/task force (We have at all times an actual overview of budget through our unique Cost and Project Information Database System (SCC-PRO)),

    - LOA cost calculations and follow up including LOA management
- central archiving and database function to keep track of all pertinent documentation using the Electronic Document and Dossier Management System (SCC-EDDMS).
We offer complete task force/consortium management.

Registration of plant growth regulators, plant strengtheners, soil conditioners, biostimulants and fertilisers

The entry into force of Commission Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 and Directive 2009/128 has led to the revision of national plant protection laws in all European Member States. This is of special interest with regard to plant protection since, in several member states, special provisions exist with respect to substances and products used in agriculture, such as growth regulators, soil conditioners, biostimulants, plant strengtheners, fertilisers, etc. There are currently several efforts from industry and the authorities to incorporate some of these substances or products into the European (EC type fertiliser, EC fertiliser) and national fertiliser regulation.

For national registrations of fertilisers in general, Regulation 764/2008 applies. Once a product has been legally placed on the market in one Member State, registration in another member state using the mutual recognition principle according to Regulation 764/2008 may be difficult due to different definitions of the specific substance. Additionally, national requirements regarding risks to the environment and human health have to be considered in applying mutual recognition.

Let SCC take care of your regulatory needs, in all aspects of pesticide registration legislations in the EU and worldwide. In close co-operation with you, we identify the adequate registration strategy for your target markets and insure that the registration of your products will be as smooth as possible.

  • Together with our partners, we command detailed knowledge of written and unwritten laws, regulations and procedures.
  • We stay in constant contact with scientists, industry, national, international and EU authorities.
  • We are experienced in preparing dossiers for active substances, plant protection products, biostimulants and fertilisers, including the preparation of state-of-the-art electronic submission files.
  • We are experienced in submitting applications to any EU member state and to other European countries as well as non-European countries.
  • Our expertise and connections enable us to put together the optimal portfolio of studies and expert statements for your products. As SCC is privately owned and has no own laboratories, we are completely independent and our study proposals will be as concise and cost-efficient as possible.
During all phases of a regulatory project, the close interaction between client, regulatory and scientific specialists is key to presenting a homogenous and successful submission to the authorities.

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