Our Philosophy

Respect, commitment and responsibility are our greatest assets

Looking back on SCC's history since its establishment in 1989, we truly believe that the key to our success is that we genuinely care for the success of our customers, our partners and our employees. In all our services, we follow a business philosophy that blends sober-minded scientific precision with passionate customer dedication.

Working hand in hand with the national, European and international authorities, we are commited to ensuring the use of safer industrial products for environmental sustainability and a better quality of life.

Privately owned, independent and neutral – without any ties to contract research organisations.

We have no laboratories of our own and no interest in selling, often expensive, studies – if scientifically justified, we will rely on existing material. Whereby our experienced scientists have a variety of options to exploit existing data through combinatory, statistical processes and computer modelling. If studies are necessary, we recommend the CROs optimally suited for your individual purpose. Our vast experience in study monitoring, if requested by customers,  guarantees that studies are conducted cost-effectively and to the point.

»When it gets difficult, you go to SCC«: We are the experts for regulatory challenges – large and small.

We are able to help our clients quickly, efficiently and reliably, even with the most specific and complex regulatory or scientific questions. Although we shine especially with challenges, we are as efficient with standard situations. In three decades, our success rate is outstanding. We have never missed a deadline, no matter how complex the regulatory issue.

Giving up is no part of our vocabulary. Multidisciplinarity is.

We cover all regulatory relevant areas and provide the highest level of knowledge about chemistry, food chemistry and safety, analytical chemistry, agronomy, biology, toxicology, workplace safety, geo-ecology and environmental fate, ecology and ecotoxicology as well as scientific modelling – establishing regulatory and scientific networks, together with renowned international partners.

We live every project as a true partnership: from the beginning, we make sure to fully understand your needs.

From the first contact onwards, we create a special in-house customer team for you. We see ourselves as partners, working together on the same goal. The extent of interaction is defined by your individual needs and wishes, from daily communications to »turn key« projects. Satisfying you as our customers and partners is our biggest motivation.