BREXIT – The United Kingdom (UK) has left the EU

Date: 3 February 2020

A transition period is now in place and will end on 31 December 2020. During the transition period, the EU and UK will negotiate additional arrangements and market access continues on the same terms as before.

Regarding the regulation of pesticides during this period, the following should be known: Active substance approvals, plant protection products authorisation and maximum residue levels in place before BREXIT remain valid and any new EU decisions will apply to UK. The UK is no longer a ‘leading authority’ in EU for Maximum Residue Level applications or active substance approval and no longer acts as a zonal rapporteur Member State for EU plant protection product authorisations. HSE remains the UK's national regulator.

More details on the transition period you can find here: Brexit: Transition period

More details on the rules that apply specifically for the regulation of plant protection products are available here: Regulating pesticides during the transition period

Following the transition period, new rules for doing business in UK and EU will apply. Check here to obtain a short overview: Check how to get ready for new rules in 2021